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Nurture Your Whole Self

Updated: Apr 29

Welcome to the Nurture Your Whole Self website and blog! The goal is to provide information to improve the health and wellness of our entire self—body, mind, and soul—from the perspective of a Registered Nurse. I will discuss how we can become the best versions of ourselves through the use of a balanced diet, exercise, lifelong learning, stress reduction, and soul healing. There will also be helpful tips about postoperative healing and supplies that can optimize recovery and surgical outcomes. The health promotion page provides information about the major health issues of society today, how to prevent them, and offers links to additional sources for education and treatment options. Each month the blog will highlight other diseases and illnesses experienced throughout the world. There are links to additional free information throughout the website with the option to purchase products or supplies from affiliate sites to help support the website. Always talk with your doctor before you start any new diet, supplement, or exercise routine to prevent any interaction with your current medications or treatments and identify any specific contraindications. I wish you all a lifetime filled with health and happiness!

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